Modular telecontrol system MFW

The modular telecontrol system MFW is an universal modular telecontrol platform, which excels in its high modularity and flexibility.

The concept of the MFW was designed especially for the connection of far distributed outside facilities to a control centre.

The MFW system supports a variety of transmission media and can be extended by a soft PLC for automation tasks. For the reliable transmission and evaluation of data telegrams secured protocols are used.

Clever Remote Control! Reasons that will convince you

The MFW System excels itself through the capability of using various transmission media. Beside the classical 2-wire system transmission over current afflicted lines known as powerline as well as optical fibre are available.
Ethernet Communication for exchange of IP Packets can be used as wired or wireless connection over GPRS or LTE based networks. Free of charge radio communication can be achieved in the range of ISM frequency bands. On alternative SMS Information can be transmitted cost effectivly.

Fernwirken ohne Programmierkenntnisse



The MFW can be configured without any special knowledge, put into operation and be adapted at any time. Many integrated system functions and predefined parameters make the handling of the remote control system a snap.

To put the system into operation, a screwdriver is only required. The remote control functionality of the MFW is integrated into the base modules and does not have to be complicated programming. This also eliminates a cumbersome handling of modems.

Datenübertragung ohne Datentabellen oder Rangierlisten




Through to the clever modular design the telecontrol signals are automatically transmitted to the concerned station. The module numbers of the different blocks are adjusted easily and quickly via DIP switches. Thereby data tables and file imports are avoided for the configuration of the file transfer.

Einfache Anbindung an bestehende Leittechnik



Thanks to standardized protocols and automatic presetting of system parameters, the connection of the MFW to the existing control system is very simple.

For communication with PLCs the protocols Modbus and Profibus are available. A connection to the control system can be done via the standard remote control protocols IEC60870-5-101 or -104.

Anzahl der Stationen und des E/A-Mengengerüsts modular erweiterbar




The MFW is modular extensible. The number of stations and the I/O quantity structure can be flexibly adapted to any application.

The master station can communicate with up to 31 substations. The basic module at each station can be added up to 15 expansion modules, which each have 8 DI/Os or 4 AI/Os.

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