Window annunciator panel

The facia display annunciator

The Window Annunciator Panel WAP provides up to 24 alarms with a window-size of 28x28 mm within an ultra-compact housing. For bigger applications, the WAP can be expanded. Size and colour of the windows can be freely configured and different variants are available for signal and supply voltages from 24 - 220 V AC/DC. In addition to the thousandfold proven annunciator functionality, various options are available, such as redundant power supply, integrated repeat relays or different communication interfaces e.g. Modbus or IEC protocols for connection to superior or inferior systems. EPLAN macros, which are available free of charge in the download area,  facilitate the creation and documentation of circuit diagrams.




Freely parameterisable alarm windows. The size of each window can be enlarged by a factor of 2 or more individually. The essential advantage of our backlit design is that no mechanical changes are neccessary to modify the window appearance. The individual size and colour of each alarm can be parameterised by browser easily on-site.




New sizes. The fault annunciator is manufactured in two performance classes WAP-P and WAP-K, and in different sizes. These are WAP 4 with four signal inputs, the WAP 6 with six signal inputs and the WAP 8 with eight signal inputs, as well as the standard model WAP 24 with 24 Signal inputs.


Integrated repeat relays. Integrated Relay outputs offer the possibility to multiply and forward every single alarm - in one compact device and without having to use additional modules. The assignment of the relays to the inputs can be adapted individually.




Annunciator cascading. Up to four annunciators can be networked to each other. By means of an intelligent master-slave-communication (virtual) fault annunciators with up to 96 alarms can be created.




Communication interfaces. Protocol interfaces: The annunciators of the series WAP can optionally be connected to external systems via the protocols Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 and IEC 61850. Thus alarm and device information can be transmitted to superior systems and commands from a control system can be issued as single or double command at the annunciator.