Standard fault annunciators

Consolidated and universal annunciators for front panel mounting

In control and monitoring systems, there is a frquent demand for a simple fault indicator to be used as universally as possible. The wiring effort should be limited to a minimum; there is no space for additional controlling elements left. The devices of the series SSM are simple, very compact fault annunciator units for switchboard panel mounting. They provide LED displays with wide reading angle, integrated push buttons for lamptest and acknowledgement of lamps and horn as well as relay contacts for collective reports and horn triggering. Depending on the annunciator variant, the supply and signal voltage can range up to 250 V AC/DC. The wiring is done by pluggable terminals and the description of the LEDs can be done by slide-in labelling strips.




Parameterisable. Annunciators of the series SSM-A can be parameterised by means of DIP-switches. Thus the alarm processing can fast and easily be adapted to the respective application.




Alarm forwarding with relay contacts. Single alarms can be multiplicated by means of a relay-expansion-module for the series SSM-R. The relay module provides 16 relay contacts and can be connected to the annunciator easily with a ribbon cable.




Combined status and alarm indication. With the series LSM-C a combined device for operation indication and fault annunciation is available. Status information and alarms can easily be identified and processed due to different LED-colours and signal processing.