LED Indication Devices

Consolidated indication modules with serial control

LED indication devices are a proven and cost-effective solution for the status display in substation automation. With the LAB indication modules with serial interface, the hitherto laborious 1:1-wiring of the single channels is dispensable. Depending on the variant, the control of the red LEDs can be done through the protocol Modbus RTU or through the ABB CS31 protocol.




Serial control. The 16 indication LEDs are controlled from the RS485 interface on the rear of the device. In the basic variant with Modbus RTU interface the control of the LEDs and the lamptest button can be realised with different Modbus functions.




Parameterisation by DIP-switch. The addressing of the LED indication module on the Modbus as well as the configuration of the Modbus interface (Baudrate, Parity) can be done easily and comfortable by means of DIP-switches on the rear of the device.




Additional functions. Via different Modbus function codes and registers, special functions can be realised in addition to the control of the LEDs. The display of different flashing frequencies as well as a response delay for the self-monitoring (OK-LED) can be realised.




CS31-protocol. With the device variant LAB-ABB an indication module is available that specifically offers a communication to ABB control devices through the protocol CS31.