LED Indication Devices

Consolidated indication modules for front panel mounting

The LAB indication modules are consolidated 8- or 16-channel indication devices for front panel mounting with integrated lamptest button. In the basic version (without collective report) an additional external test button can be connected to the LAB. Due to low installation depth and easy handling, the LAB can be integrated in almost every facility.




Changeable LEDs. The indication devices are equipped with red or green LEDs mounted on plug base as default. After removal of the front panel, different couloured LEDs can be installed. Other colours are available in a set of 10 LEDs per colour.




Intergrated Collective Report. The LED indication devices are available with an integrated collective report as an option. Each single alarm can be assigned to the collective report individually by means of a DIP-switch underneath the front plate. The collective report is carried out as a normally open contact and can be changed to normally closed on demand.




NO or NC inputs. The LED indication devices are equipped with signal inputs in normally open principle as default. The inputs can be changed to normally closed principle as an option. In this variant, the LAB is equipped with red LEDs as default.