Drop-flap annunciators

Consolidated parameterisable annunciator with permanent display

The compact drop-flap annunciator FSM 10 is designed in a housing for front panel mounting. It features 10 green drop-flaps with a LED each for display of the signals at issue. Independent from lighting situation, thus the alarms can be recognised in an optimal way at any time. During a power-fail, the last state of the display is permanently retained by the drop-flaps. Of course, all functions of the annunciator can be adapted to the respective application by means of DIP-switches and/or software.



Alarm display with drop-flaps. By means of bistabil mechanical indication elements the last state od alarms are displayed permanently even in the event of power-fail.




Cascading functionality. Via 2 CAN-Bus-interfaces up to 4 devices can be networked together. Thus one annunciator with up to 40 inputs with synchronised flashing as well as common acknowledgement and lamptest can be realised.




Six configurable function inputs. Every annunciator of the series FSM provides six function inputs. The functionality of these inputs can be freely configured in the parameterisation software, e.g. acknowledgement, lamptest, printer control, etc.




Integrated event-recorder. The integrated event-recorder, which can be read out through the serial interface, allows for an easy archiving of the alarms. By means of an optionally connected printer, events can be journalised immediately or by keystroke.