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Telecontrol technology

Multiplexer ZSA8 - Unidirectional 2-wire multiplexer
  ZS16 - Bidirectional 2-wire multiplexer
Radio telecontrol system F70 - radio telecontrol system
Modular telecontrol system MFW MFW - 2-Wire
  MFW - Powerline
  MFW - Ethernet & GPRS
  MFW - Optical fibre
  MFW - Radio
  MFW - Dial up
  MFW - Expansion modules

Fault annunciating technology

Standard fault annunciators LAB-Series - Indication modules for panel mounting
  SSM - Standard fault annunciators for panel mounting
Complex, modular fault annunciating systems BSM-Series - Basic panel-mounted fault annunciator
  USM-Series - Universal fault annunciator for panel mounting
  WAP-Series - Window facia fault annunciator for panel mounting
  FSM - Drop-flap fault annunciator
Fault annunciators for other installation forms ESS 8 - Compact fault annunciator

Industrial electronics and power supplies

Power supplies WSN 09 - Wide range switching power supply for AC- and DC-mains
  WSN 60 - Wide range switching power supply
  GSW 20 / 50 - DC converter 20 W / 50 W
  CBS - Capacitor Backed Power Supply
  PLG - Accumulator buffered power supply
Industrial electronics EUW-Series - Voltage monitoring relays
  Accus - Accessories for buffered power supply unit