The 2-wire multiplexer are ideal for signal transmission in widely ramified water / wastewater, industrial and railway sites and building engineering.

The compact units does not demand on quality of the cable that are used for the transmission and have a high immunity to interference in the transmission of analog current or voltage values ​​as well as digital, static signals and counters.

For reliable transmission and analysis of the data telegrams secure protocols are used. Depending on requirements data transmission is unidirectional or bidirectional.

ZSA8 - Unidirectional 2-wire multiplexer

Technical Characteristics

• Unidirectional transmission on control lines up to 15 km distance
• Transmission of 8 binary values, two of it are configurable as counting values
• Expansion possibilities by 8 additional binary values or one analog value
• Short-circuit proof transistor outputs
• High interference immunity of the transmission; adjustable data rate
• The state of the outputs are adjustable on transmission errors
• Easy configuration by DIP-switches
• Operation monitoring and status indication by LED
• Compact, 22,5mm wide modules for DIN-rail assembly

ZS16 – Bidirectional 2-wire multiplexer

Technical Characteristics

• Bidirectional two-wire transmission up to 15 km
• Transmission of commands, messages, measuring and set values
• Modular system configuration up to 16 binary and 4 analog values
• Short-circuit proof transistor outputs, adjustable intrinsically safety status
• Easy parameter setting via DIP switch
• High interference immunity of transmission, adjustable transmission rate
• Operation supervision with LED and fault contact
• DIN rail mounting