The extended functionality of the MFW telecontrol system

The MFW telecontrol family stands out due to a flexible, modular concept, serving as a basis for different application-oriented variants. Besides speed optimized transmission modes also data logger are available, enabling an operation without connection to a mains supply by means of low power consumption. In this way data can comprehensibly be aquired and archived.Our low power data logger are fulfilling these requirements also in limited infrastructure. With a simple parameterisation program extensive settings can be stored, for example for pre-processing of measurements. For point to point applications speed optimized two wire, or fibre optic connections variants are available, which among other things are used in traffic engineering for intertripping of substations.

MFW - Data logger

For technical and economical reasons it is not always possible to
transmit the data via an online connection. The MFW data logger
provides the possibility of a remote readout of data over different
transmission medias and unites the functions telecontolling and archiving economically in one device.
- Radio within the ISM frequency bands
- Analog or GSM dial-up connections
- GPRS data connections
Although both communication technologies are using the GSM network as a necessary infrastructure, there are differences how the transmission is carried out – which is done circuit-switched with GSM and packet oriented with GPRS respectively.

In the course of automation of far distributed plant components, outstations without connection to the power supply system can be equipped with low- power variants, which are being fed by batteries or small solar power supplies.

PLC-Functionality of the MFW-System

For the functional extension of the MFW a soft PLC solution acc. to
IEC 61131-3 is available for automation tasks. Hereby one of the leading programming platforms in regard of programmable logic controller and programmable automation components was integrated into the MFW.
The whole in- and output range of the MFW modules can be used for automations tasks and can be integrated either in the master, as well as in the substation. The programming is done via a PC based on Windows.