Accessories for telecontrols

You will find an extensive accessories portfolio at EES for all products and applications. All accessories get comprehensively tested and are checked on applicability and suitability for their applications.


For radio modules there are various aerials available, depending on the installation location, as well as assembly and cable material. For power line transmissions we offer different line filters and carrier frequency traps. For the reliable operation of low-power systems there are suitable solar panels and accumulators or batteries available.

Panels and Displays

For visualisation of plant conditions and for control of processes we offer price sensitive webserver-panels in different sizes in our portfolio.
The devices feature a slim design (<50 mm depth) and a resistive touchscreen. The graphics are vector based, so a brilliant depiction of the objects is guaranteed.
The backlight is performed using energy-efficient LED.

Aerials for EES radio systems

For radio modules there are various aerials available, depending on the installation location, as well as comprehensive assembly and cable material. Our standard aerials are avilable for:

• 70-cm, 35-cm, ISM-band
• GSM-bands
• DCF 77

Project-specific assembly hardware, e.g. pole mounts, lightning protection devices, fittings for roof assembly, etc. are available on request. We are happy to advise you on your application.

Complete small telecontrol systems in wall-mounting cabinets

For the telecontrol equipment of small systems, as well as the retrofitting of existing facilities often complete stations in a wall mounting enclosure are required. Commissioning should only be mounting the compact unit on the wall, connecting the supply and signal cables and parameterisation of the device.
MFW devices are available as a ready-to-use small telecontrol unit with power supply and aerial set assembled and prewired in a wall-mounting enclosure.

Accessories for data transmission on power line and cable shield

The feasibility of live data transmissions depends on the required range and type of interference and line systems.
Generally the following accessories are available:

• Line Traps
• Mains filter
• Coupling transformer for cable shields
• Coupling transformer to connect different cable systems

We are happy to assist you in planning the transmission.