We understand quality

The company Elektra-Elektronik GmbH & Co Störcontroller KG was founded in 1976 in Backnang, in the Rems-Murr county in Baden-Württemberg and has historically well-founded experience in the fault annunciator and telecontrol sector.We have grown continuously since the founding of the company in 1976. At the beginning, we produced mainly customized fault annunciators for the monitoring of energy generation and distribution facilities. Throughout the years, we developed a growing product palette for systems for the detection, processing and transmission of operating and fault alarm states. With this, we contribute to an increase in operating security and the availability of the plants.

At the beginning of the 90's, another field of activity was created with wire-saving 2-wire transmission systems for messages and commands. This created a complex palette of telecontrol systems for the data transmission of messages, commands, measured data and metering counts through all transfer media. Nowadays data saving and archiving options make it possible to use also non-continual data transmission, for example through dial-up connections.

By us, not only the technical systems communicate with each other, but rather also the heads behind them. The following is important for us in our contact with customers: Transparency in communication, competent consultation and qualified service. This applies to our employees, as well as to our sales partners, is exactly like the cooperation with our suppliers, our most important basis for quality.

Our trademarks are a fast conception of market demands, precise fitting approaches and the promotion of the development of mature products. In the past, we were able to place consistently innovative solutions on the market. The German Board "Initiative of medium sized companies" confirms this, as our telecontrol system MFW-GPRS won the innovation prize in 2007 in the electro-engineering section. EES now has an assortment of hundreds of devices and systems that can be efficiently combined in different variations.