We understand functionality

EES helps you to easily manage complex functions in order to eliminate problems in the systems and processes as much as possible.We are professionals in the fault annunciator and telecontrol engineering sector. We work efficiently, economically and take the demands for your projects into consideration.

The job of our devices consist in exact and reliable detection, the reporting and controlling function, along with the display and transmission of operating states, measured data and events.
Our powerful devices make it possible to continually monitor your processes. And if needed, the necessary reaction speed. Thus, the availability of your plant will be increased and possible downtime can be minimized.

We consider ourselves as a flexible solution provider with competence and know-how and can offer you devices and modular systems from our diversified assortment that can be completely tailored to your needs and individually arranged. Whether a standard or individual solution: You will always make the right decision if you choose products from EES.